Saturday, December 31, 2005

Wake Up Call

Can't trust those Penguins

Is It Chicken or Fish (Jessica Simpson)

150 Pound Tunas

Our New GPK website. The North Brothers

We want to represent a true GPK blog site without political or religious postings. There will be only funny and informative things posted. We will not have or post any personal agendas or sarcastic stuff on this site. We will try to represent the interests of GPKer's. We want to have young and older GPKer's to contribute to this site. We are approaching the third and fourth generation of GPKer's to share stories and pics.
We will not post anything with foul language. We might try to edit it if we can make it a funny post, otherwise we will delete it...

There will be no dumb dog or cat stories here, we love all animals and will post only positive animal stories and pics. Also we ask for your patience while we learn what software we need to get stuff posted. There are some pics & text that we can't upload. We will try to let you know by E-mail when we have a problem

Take Care.

Marty North