Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Another Late Christmas Story Not Posted

Christmas was always a special time around our house, my Mom was considered the matriarch of the family and all my Dads brothers, sisters and their children would gather at our house. Being of French Protestant decent Le Reveillon was a special event on Christmas Eve. The family would all attend the service at Bethanie Presbyterian in Verdun and afterwards Santa would arrive delivering presents to all us youngsters.

My Dad played Santa (as if I didn't know) and when I would go up he would always whisper "its our secret". They were fun times.

After I grew up and had children of my own my Dad carried on with the tradition of being Santa only now it was on the phone. All the kids would call and ask for Santa, he would come on the phone disguising his voice and with a big "Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas" he would ask each of the children what they wanted for Christmas.

My Dad has since passed away but the tradition lives on, today I am Santa and this year was no exception. My daughter Tina's girls are now 19 and 14 and no longer play along but my son Brad has a 5 year old son Jack and a 2 1/2 year old daughter Abby so Poppa is once again playing Santa.

Brad is quite creative in his telling of tales and told the children that he would call Santa after they watched their Xmas video. He figured Santa would be stopping for a coffee around 8:30 PM and would have time to talk to them.

At 8:30 the phone rings and Santa answers with a hardy "Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas" Brad asks if Santa is there and did he have a moment to speak with Jack and Abby. The first to come on the phone is Abby with trembling voice she says "Hello Santa" excited she tells me about all the things she wants for Christmas, in the meantime my wife Pat has run upstairs and brought down small bells. Jack is now on the phone with me and Pat is jingling the bells by the phone I say to him "can you hear my reindeer Jack" "Oh! Yes he says" so wanting to end the conversation I say " I think they are ready to go" Jack yells "the reindeer are ready to go Daddy", "Bye Santa" and hangs up.

Pat and I were in stitches after but the best part of all was that Brads wife Tracy taped it and they brought the video on Christmas day so the whole family could enjoy the excitement the children felt.

Christmas's just keeps getting better as we get older.


Thanks Bob

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