Friday, January 13, 2006

Bob Hawkins Moves

I had some great moves as a young man too....

- November 1944 Born at the Reddy Memorial
- Dec 1944 moved in with my mom, dad and sister on Osbourne in Verdun.
- June 1949 moved in with my Nana & Grampa on Egan ( mom and dad didn't understand me anymore).
- September 1949 moved back with my mom and dad in NDG on Cote St. Antoine. Nana and Grampa had a breakdown.
- Summer 1951 moved to 4045 Northcliff NDG Mom, Dad and Roz came with me this time.
- Summer 1953 moved to 4047 Northcliff NDG, upstairs, my aunt and uncle moved out, couldn't stand the noise downstairs.
- Summer 1956 moved to Tiffin Road St. Lambert, City of NDG moved us to make sure we didn't come back.
- Summer 1958 moved to the Barracks on Campbell GFPK.
- Summer 1961 come home mom and dad are gone.
- Summer 1961 357 Empire sleep on front porch at Dave and Roz place.
- Winter 1961 find mom and dad they are living in Dorval. Her aunt died and they moved into her house. Thought I wouldn't find them.
- Summer 1962 sell house on Lakeshore in Dorval move, to Gregory in GFPK.
- Summer 1965 to many complaints, sell house, police escort us out of town.
- Move to Bernard in Chateauguay.
- September 1967 get married, rent place on Fielding in NDG.
- Summer 1968 move into parents house in Chateauguay, they move to Lasalle.
- 1974 move to Pierre Currie in Chateauguay.
- 1977 escape the separatist move to Mississauga ON.
- Fall 1977 move to Milton On.
- Fall 1978 move to Riverview NB, good place to hide, nobody moves there, evryone moves out.
- Summer 1987 all clear can move back to Ontario statute of limitations is up.
- Move to cousin Joyces in Burlington for the summer.
- Fall 1987 call family, all clear here OK to move back. rent place on Pinedale.
- Summer 1989 - evicted (owner sells)
- 1990 rent place on Sheraton Rd. (owner sells again) only way to get us out.
- Summer 1992 buy house on Linbrook. All is well (Uh Oh)
- Summer 1997 move back to 535-96 Sheraton Road the proverbial *5@# has hit the fan.
- Summer 1999 Owner tries to sell house to get rid of us, we fool him and buy it.

Thats it folks end of our moves .... for now.


PS Roz and my mom are still moving trying to get away from me.

Thanks Bob
That puts you as our move leader to date..

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