Thursday, January 12, 2006

A brief recap of the MacNevin Clan

Below is a brief recap of the MacNevin Clan who officially packed up and left our home at 723 Eva Street ( across from the Rasmussens and down the street from where the Cheetah lived ) in 1973 .
Previously we had lived at 211 St Charles ( the first house after the long fence from the corner store ) .

Dad (Dusty, a Northern Electric /Nortel lifer ) transferred to Ontario and we moved to Etobicoke in 73
1975 I married an Oakville Ontario girl ( Cathy) and we bought a house in Brampton , Ontario
1976 we had twins Brian and Christopher
1978 we had a daughter Danielle
1982 we divorced and I moved back to Montreal in an apartment on Rue De La Montagne ( too dam close to all the bars on Bishop and Crescent)
1984 moved back to Toronto living in an apartment in Brampton.
1986 moved to Vancouver BC
1988 married my current wife Gail in Vancouver
1990 we had our daughter Jessica
1996 moved to Okotoks Alberta ( just south of Calgary)
2001 moved to Stony Plain just west of Edmonton

All years above are close but as I hit teh half century mark 6 days ago my memory is suspect !

My brother Donnie died tragically in Montreal in 1977 , My Mom ( Mary) died of a heart attack in Yarmouth , Nova Scotia 1987 , and my Dad ( Dusty) died of a heart attack in Istanbul,Turkey in 2004 ( he had resided there for over 20 years, working and retiring from Nortel ) .
My oldest sister( and only one) , Sandra graduated from McGill and went to California to continue her education in Theology but has since taken a job in Bowling Green, Ohio and resides there currently.
Alan my oldest brother is retired from Bell Canada and resides in Little Current, Ontario on Lake Huron.

My career has taken me from warehousing and truck driving to currently the General Manager , Freight Division of RTL Robinson Enterprises Ltd . (

Thats about it for the readers digest of the MacNevin Clan .

PS maybe the Norths could get some of the GPK'ers to do a recap like above and publish it so our alumni can see what happened to expatriots of GPK>

Regards , Dave MacNevin, P.Log.

Thanks David.

You just might hold the record for the most moves of a GPKer

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