Saturday, January 07, 2006

Down South with the Dewicks

We went to the Salton Sea yesterday. The Salton Sea was formed by the
flood of 1905 which lasted 18 months. It's the largest inland sea on
the North American continent. The floor of the sea is 273 feet below
sea level. It's 8,360 square miles and is part of the Colorado river

We went to Salton City and Salton Beach, it was like ghost towns. I
just found out why. The Salton sea has many problems mainly because it
has no outlet, water is lost throught evaporation leaving dissolved salt
behind and raising salinity 44 parts per 1,000 which is 25% higher than
ocean water. The sea's elevation has risen flooding homes and
businesses. That's why the place looks abandonned.

We had forgotten that El Centro and the entire Imperial Valley is below
sea level. Calexico,(6 miles from here) at the Mexican border, is 1
foot below sea level and El Centro is 52 feet below.

The weather is great, above normal for this time of year (high 70's and
low 80's).

Also attached is a picture of the golf course at the the RV park. It's
a 9 holes executive course.

Hope the weather is still mild in PG and not raining on the coast.
We're here till January 9th and thinking about going to the Palm Spring
area. I just looked up an RV Park called Fountain of Youth Spa RV Resort
(may stop there, it may help!)

Take care

Love L&B

Thanks Barry & Louise

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