Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hawkins in Argentina

Hi Marty,

Here are some photos of our trip to Argentina last March. We went on a combination business and pleasure trip with a business associate of mine Alfredo Fillon and his friend Erica. Alfredo's son was getting married and we attended the wedding. What a night that was the wedding was at 8:30 pm and the reception started at 10:00 pm and ran right through to 8:00 am.

We stayed in La Recolletta, a section of Buenos Aires, where Evita Peron is buried. The city itself is very European in design and the streets are narrow, architectural design is influenced by the Spanish and the Italians.

The people we went with are outstanding latin dancers, Alfredo was a Tango instrutor in Buenos Aires in his younger days and Alberto and Lucy are professional Salsa and Tango Dancers.

The beaches are some 400 miles from Buenos Aires to get there the best means of transportation is by bus. We stayed for 5 days in Villa Geselle, pronounced Vijja Heselle, by the beach what a fabulous time.

The two couples, Alfredo and Erica and Alberto and Lucy, put on dancing exhibitions everywhere we went. They danced at the mall, they danced on the beach, they just love to dance it was incredible to watch.

Alfredo's son and new daughter-in-law are the 2 time World Champion erobic dance team on top of it all.

It was good times, good food and a little work.


The photos are Evita's tomb, Pat and I, Tango dancers in La Boca, Alfredo and Erica, Lucy and Alberto, Bob on the beach (braless) and our favorite restaurant in Villa Gesselle

Thanks Bob
Sorry I couldn't enhance the pics any better

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