Monday, January 09, 2006

Jack Hynes Turns 65 by John Riley

Friday night I was fortunate to attend one of the greatest birthday
ever. It was to celebrate the 65th of a great mutual friend of ours,
true friend of all Greenfield Parkers - Jack Hynes. The Party at
Restaurant in St. Lambert featured lots of fun and entertainment put on
by a
fantastic band featuring an Elvis look-alike (who also sang some great
Orbison as well) from London Ontario. The group was called the A ROY.L
TRIBUTE band featuring Roy Leblanc (as Elvis) A few of Jack's relatives
friends also sang, including his grand-daughter Madison (who we'll be
cheering for on Canadian Idol in about seven years) as well as Adam
(already a talented singer and musician in his own right). Jack was
by several people including Bernie Constantini (who joked about having
pulled over a ticketed many of the Hynes family years ago.

Jack wanted me to ask you, Marston, if you remember the night when the
of you were racing down Simard Blvd. on your motorcycles. He said he
had a
slight lead on you when his tool box suddenly opened and showered you
wrenches, screwdrivers and the like. I'm sure it must have been a scary
moment for you. But I'm sure you appreciated having to slow down and
reaching the underpass on Simard at 100 m.p.h.


Thanks John for the memories, Jack was a great friend when I lived in GPK. I knew most of his family and they treated me very well. I know back then George Massey, Jimmy Hinks, and others were bikers along with Jackie. I can't remember if he had a BSA or an AJS motorcycle but they were no match for my Triumph Tiger 110. He might have left on 2 on the count down of 1,2,3 hehehe. I think he had the tools in his jacket. Pls tell Jackie I wish him well and his total family as well. Damn I do remember that under pass on Simard Blvd.

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