Friday, January 20, 2006

New Pub in Town

Here is an old joke the names and places have been changed to reflect modern times........

Ralph, a regular at McConachie's is sitting at the bar enjoying a pint of Lager when in walks Mike. Mike sits up at the bar next to Ralph and orders a pint of bitter from John, the bartender.

Mike strikes up a conversation with Ralph and eventually it leads to a discussion on religion. John walks up to the two of them and says "Gentlemen, gentlemen, I'm sorry but in my Pub we don't discuss religion. It only causes trouble.

The conversation between Mike and Ralph switches to Politics. Along comes John once again saying " Gentlemen please, not in my Pub. Religion and Politics cause nothing but trouble in a Pub."

Mike sits quietly for a few minutes then calls John over and says, " Can we discuss sex?. John says, "Sure not a problem". Mike looks at him and says, "Good, F#*k you".

Sorry John, no offence intended, but it the story line struck me funny. So I took some literary license and changed the names. This could be why Mike doesn't like me.


Thanks Bob

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