Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Next Reunion news from Heather Hubbard Cooper & Visitor comments

I agree with Bob, great job Marston & Elton, the North Brothers are rolling again. Keep it up, I was getting bogged down (excuse the pun) with the other site. I will be messaging with information on the next reunion in my neck of the woods for 2006. I just have to check out a few locations and remember what they were like in the hot summer days. Think we will try for Sept. 22 to 24th, and will try a tentative head count. Anyway, will let you all know more details as they happen.

Hope you all had a great holiday, we did, very busy but lots of fun with all the kids around. Didn't get a new horse this year though, just lots of horsey stuff from the extended family.

Take care
Heather Hubbard Cooper

I checked out the site.... well done..... great first effort...... will participate....


Saw your new blog briefly on Sun. and then shut down the compeester(as my grandson calls it) until this am.What I see, I like. A great start. How can I help?--(1) advising other people?(2) send material that was sent to Rilstone and never published--ie Minstrel show photo-- program from first Park Players show-- Bill Webb's 2 Christmas stories. Let me know.

Hi Folks,

Just a quick note to say "I have seen the light"... I have left the dark side and gone to the bright side of blogdom. A place where fun is the special of the day.... a place where political and personal vendettas do not exist.... see the blogsite below for more info.... I will however, continue to check in to view the various postings.

See Y'all

Great Ideas guys. Certainly will join in.

Brenda & Graham

Thanks folks for the great support

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