Saturday, January 28, 2006

Obit and serious illness of another

Hi Marston,

I just wanted to let your readers know about the recent passing of Parkers or ex-Parkers or their wives, and the sickness of another.

Pat Clark, wife of Charlie Clark of Boyd St. passed away last week. The funeral has already been held. Pat, like her husband was a much loved member of the community. Charlie was a regular in the Over the Hill Softball League, and like his wife always had a warm smile for everyone. Pat and Charlie have two boys, Dean and Brent who went to school in the Park.

Audrey Sundborg, of the illustrious Sundborg clan of Murray Ave. passed away on Jan. 23, her obituary is below:

Audrey’s sister-in-law Albina, wife of the late Leslie Sundborg passed away last week as well. Leslie grew up in the Park, but he and his wife Albina recently resided in Kitchener, Ontario.

I have also been informed by Lori Frampton Newbury, wife of Fred Newbury of Empire Ave. in the Park, and niece of Audrey and Leslie Sundborg that another of the Sundborg family is seriously ill. Ralph Sundborg, who visited Greenfield Park this past summer, and got to see a few old friends on his visit hasn’t been given much longer to live. He was out in Victoria B.C. visiting family when he fell extremely ill. He hopes to return to his farm near Moncton, New Brunswick, but doctors don’t want to let him fly. He is a real fighter, and we hope his days as a boxer, enable him to return home. If any of his friends want to send him a card of encouragement, now might be the time to do it.

John Riley

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