Thursday, January 05, 2006

RGHS 1963 Class Picture "Grade 4"

Ignore the file name, but this is a scanned picture 1963 Grade 4.
I'm in the front row between Carol Fry and Jennifer Bremner.

Linda & Dan Lord 905-336-5112
I'm an amateur in the photo dept.
Only remember a few names. Most are hap-hazarded guesses using Grade 7 Greenfielder '66.

Back row Teacher?, 1. Bruce Yacatto, 2.?,3.Steve Pierce 4.? 5.Scott Henshaw 6.Paul Hogg 7.Steve Vardy 8.David Blizzard 9.David Shaw
2nd Row 1. John Bathurst 2.Kim Ewan 3.June Veysey 4.Pam Kirk 5.Denise Webster 6.Heather Mullin 7.?? 8.Lorna Newton? 9.? 10.Stephen Sparrow?
Front Row 1.Carol Fry 2.Linda Thompson (me) 3. Jennifer Bremner 4.Pam Kirk 5.Denise Webster 6. Debi Burnett 7.Patricia Hutton 8.Mary Ellen Rasmussen 9.Susan Robillard

Thanks Linda & Dan
It's Great to see old pics from RGHS but I'm not ready with the name game yet. So if you could send me the names in the class, I'll post them.


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