Monday, January 02, 2006

A Story from GPK

I rec'd a Christmas card from my sister with a letter with a brief story about GPKer’s. My sister is a former GPKer, now living in St. Lambert. My sister has a daughter that has moved back to GPK after living out west for a number of years.
She bought a house with her husband on Queen street in GPK. My niece works in Mtl. and takes a bus every day, and I quote my sister,

"She picks it up on Campbell and it weaves all around GPK picking up people from Empire, Regent, Murray, and then heads down Victoria and across the Victoria Bridge. Gillian meets the same people day after day and has found that many are the next generation of GPKer’s, and a lot of their mother or fathers know Marston and Elton. She has been told some wonderful stories. Gillian found out that John Riley published a book on the history of GPK (1910-1975) and purchased a copy for me. I've read it and it brings back great memories. It has a picture of Marston in the Cubs and it talks of him being a part of the Murray St. gang, it tells of our family."

I am surprised that we are talked of today, positively and I'm sure Elton will be also. So people still living in GPK are passing on memories of our age group to their children in a positive way. It would be nice to know who they are and maybe we can get them to contribute to the Blog.
It's Christmas time and good stories are the fare of the day...

All the Best from our family to you,

Thanks Gloria for this story

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