Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Bay Mississquoi Story

Marty, --a follow-up to the Jenkins story-- Peter indeed was the mayor of Dawson and he was also a member of the federal governments' advisory committee on the North West Territories and is currently a member of the NWT legislature.

Art the father is living in Prince George BC where his daughter Joanne and son Mike are living. Back in the sixties the Jenkins owned a lot on Bay Mississquoi with three cabins ,

one was for the family and the other two they rented out. Because Mrs. Jenkins taught piano on Sat. and was the pianist at church the parents frequently did not get down to the cottage until Sunday at noon.

It therefore was safe for a bunch of us to go down to the cottage on Fri. night,waterski ,swim, barbeque and party at the Hotel Venise safe in the knowledge that we had Sunday morning to clean up.

One Sunday morning at about 9:00 am there we were, ten or twelve of us, some in sleeping bags on the floor , some smoking and some even having "the hair of the dog that bit them"

When the teetotaling Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins walked in the door. We were barred from the property for two weeks—
no questions asked. JMcC
Thanks John McC.
I remember going there with Peter a few times. A lot of fun was had back then

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