Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bev, Doug, and Lorna Garrett Pic from the past

Good to see all the pictures and memories coming into your site. Here's one of my two sisters Lorna and Bev and I outside our home on Empire Ave looking south..
You asked us to try to remember who we first took to the cinema or theatre as a prompt to trigger memories etc. Bev says she remembers who the first boy was to take and pay her way into the theatre( she's the one on the left) and guess who it was , " Marty" !
I don't know how I missed all that action as I can't remember your family but I do remember there being a Charley Taylor down where you lived on Devonshire. Any idea where he got to?
Doug Garrett

Thanks Doug
I'm afraid I don't know who took Bev to the Cinema, but I get the feeling your going to let us know.
Doug tells me that I'm the guilty one. I hope I bought Pop Corn..

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