Friday, February 17, 2006

Canadian History (From B Hawkins)

I have attached the sections of the front page of the Cobalt Daily Nugget dated Saturday May 28, 1910 and a photo of my great grandfather, CH Taylor and his first family Eva, Arthur and Helen. You may at sometime wish to include this with your postings.

The article and attached link may be of interest to some of those readers who are Canadian History buffs. The article as you will see boasts of his great engineering feats and relates information about other projects such as his being commissioned by the Dominion of Canada to build a lift lock at Peterborough Ontario or the air plant for Dominion Textile at their Magog Quebec factory to name a few.

A point of interest is that the Magog plant was operational up to the late 1970's while Ragged Chutes in Cobalt was purchased by Ontario Hydro and operated up to the late 1980 when fire damaged it beyond repair. During the period between 1910 and the late 1980's the plant had only been shutdown twice for maintenance.

This link will direct your readers to the Eight Wonder of the World as it is billed.

Bob H
Thanks Bob
Sorry I couldn't make the pics a little clearer
We must remember that they are almost 100 years old..

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