Saturday, February 25, 2006

Carolyn Recalls Life On Devonshire Road

Hi guys,
Re the photo my much younger brother Kenny sent to you of our original home on Devonshire Rd. The first thing that came to my mind was how I hated the chore of cleaning the front entrance/porch windows. Other memories are of my grandfather smoking cigars & aiming his cane at all of us as we passed by; the odours of the totally blackened/burnt attic. Can still recall sitting in the car outside while the firemen handled the stovepipe fires. Believe my dad sent a letter to the Greenfield Park Fire Dept thanking them for saving our home.

I think the best memory I have is the freedom we had to wander in those days. My favorite was skating on the road to the outdoor rink & allowed to stay out until dark. Not something my grandkids can do today!

Thanks Carolyn, Do you remember ever sitting on the front stairs of Smith Store watching the street cars, don't lie now I'm not that much older.....

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