Monday, February 13, 2006

Dear John Riley

Dear John Riley:

Thank you for completing an unbelievable task through writing the
History of Greenfield Park. You had very many details revealing the uniqueness of our hometown. I read it from cover to cover in two nights and was delighted to see the Heavyside name scattered throughout the book. The second copy I purchased was sent to my brother who lives in New Mexico. His name is John Albert Heavyside and was named after his two grandfathers: John Harrison Heavyside and Albert Gregory. Both were residents of the park. To let
you know how close my brother feels towards the park, he named his dairy The Greenfield Park Dairy. I thought you would like to know that little bit of niformation. In case, you don't know my parents, Wilfred Heavyside and Jessie Gregory Heavyside,emigrated to California in 1956. In fact, all of my uncles and their families also emigrated to California. Their names are Richard and Jean Heavyside and Bert and Marilyn Heavyside. We all settled in or
near Claremont, California among all of the lemon and orange groves and colleges. Very soon, Uncle Bert and Aunt Marilyn returned to Canada.

Aunt Jean and Uncle Richie( one of the owners of Murray Market) moved to Florida. When we lived in the park, we all lived on Isabel or Fairfield Avenues. My part of the family always stayed in California. Yes, whenever anyone visited us from Canada, we would always go to Costa Mesa, California to see Bud Hollingdrake. The visitors would include Bill, Flo and Wendy Board and the Jim and Rae Morley and family. I especially liked the pages of Alice Beck Dame. Throughout the years we always called "Young" Aunt Alice as her mother was also named Alice.
She is related to me as a second cousin but we always called her Aunt Alice. (She was my father, Wilfred William Heavyside's first cousin.

My grandma, Mary Heavyside, and her father James Beck were sister and brother.) At her
100th birthday party at St. Paul's Church, my letter to her was read along
with Queen Elizabeth and the Prime Minister of Canada. I was very proud
that my message was read to her with such dignitaries on her special day.
"Young" Aunt Alice was one special lady. I also enjoyed the pages of the Royal George School and recognized
the names of many of the teachers. My education was superb as when I arrived in Claremont,I was right on grade level and was disciplined to do very well in high school and college. Wasn't I fortunate to have a staff of
dedicated educator in my elementary educational years? I really do remember Mr.Newbury and his whiskers. He really did keep our school very clean and polished. St.Paul's Church was very important in our religious and character
development. All of my family were baptised, confirmed, and married at this lovely little church. The church hall was certainly put to good use with carnavals at Halloween and dance reviews. My Dad always told me that
he use to play tennis on the clay court right behind the church.

Both of my favorite uncles and Godfathers, David Gregory and Bert Heavyside, are in a World War II photo in the book. Uncle David carried a photo album with only pictures of me and my Aunt Edna all throughout Europe during
the war. On one of my visits to Canada, he shared this album with me.

I am also in the dance class photo on page 52. I am the second girl in
thefirst row.
#1 Florence Parkinson,
#2 Joy Heavyside ,
#3 ?
#4 Wendy Board,
#5 Joanie MacDonald
#6 Margo Tomalty) I also remember your aunt, Annie DeSerres as I was in the choir at St. Paul's ,and she played the organ and directed the choir. She certainly was a respected and talented member
of the community. Is she still alive? Including the map was a very good idea as I was always referring back
to it.Yes, we did have boundaries when growing up in the park. My boundaries were from Fairfield to Empire as my Grandma Heavyside lived right off Empire on Isabel. My Aunt Flo, Uncle Bill Board and Wendy lived on Third. I
would also stretch out to Springfield by the school and down to Churchill as Hollingdrake's Market and the skating rink were there. I just loved skating on that rink. One year when Marion James was selected as Queen of the
Winter Carnival, I won the costume contest. I also remember going into Montreal to see the Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. I remember waving to her in my Girl Guide outfit. At night, my Father took me into Montreal as she
appeared on a balcony at some square with her crown on. He held me up on my shoulders, so I could see her. I really never told him I couldn't see her as there were so many lights and it was very hard for young eyes to focus
on a diamond crown. Our parents and families were always doing such special things for us. I also remember seeing the plane that flew over the park and carried the film of her cornation to Montreal. I remember seeing it on
the television. I also remember decorating the outside of our home for this historical event.

I will look for photos for your next book and scan them to you. I know quite a bit about my Grandfather, John Harrison Heavyside and will include that information with the photos. I also have a photo of the present day Heavyside family. In 2004, we had a family reunion in Malpeque, Prince Edward Island. Eighty-five members attended this family event. I put a cookbook together with recipes from all members of the family. T-shirts were made with a drawing of my Grandma's house on Isabel right on the front.(Somewhere I also have a photo of Grandma's house. ) You will be hearing from me, John Riley. Thanks again for gathering The multitude of information to create a fabulous history of Greenfield Park.

Best regards,
Donna Joy Heavyside Westlund
Thanks for sharing your family history

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