Sunday, February 12, 2006

Doug's Remembers A Greenfield Park Of His Youth...

Hi Elton
I think your site has a lot of potential, and I think it might be fun to contribute I spent the good years from age 16 to 24 in Greenfield Park living with my parents Tom and Laura Garrett on Empire across the street from the Shrimptons. We are now going back 50 years, long enough to be classified as authentic history, wouldn't you agree ?

These were good years. One could hear the sound of hammers as homes were constructed and smell the leaves burning in the crisp fall air. Fred and Fanny Best lived next door with their son Howard. Their property was next to the apartment block on Churchill Blvd and a small stream ran under a culvert between the two. almost every spring the ice would jam the culvert and water would pour over Empire Ave.forcing the commuters arriving home on the Southern Counties Railway to walk on the snow banks to get through. Most kids wore rubber boots with the tops turned over,( A fruitless attempt to make them look cool, as in the picture).as a practical solution.

They also came in handy when I had to deliver the morning " Montreal Gazette " It arrived at 5.30 a.m. neatly bundled with Hay bale wire. A route of about 100 papers delivered without fail every morning except Sunday, yielded about a $15.00 a week cheque. We considered that good income as most families like ours didn't have funds for kid's allowances. What you earned on your own, went to pay for such needs as clothes, bus fares( during summer when school passes didn't count), and entertainment. Some how we still had some left over by next pay day. Maybe because they didn't deduct income tax, C.P.P. or I.U.and we cycled everywhere we needed to go. Not that I think we were better off then, because we most definitely are better off today. But there was a sense of self reliance and character building which I feel nostalgia about.
Catch you later

Thanks Doug, We all look forward to seeing additional pictures and reading your stories... Even today I use my billy boots when I wash the car, and yes the tops are turned down... Elton

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