Sunday, February 19, 2006

Follow up to Diane's story by Bob H.

Hi Folks,

Thanks for posting the message I wrote on my cousin Diane, in follow up I would like everyone to know that one of the requirements of her returning home was that she be able to walk up the stairs. Bill offered to have an elevator installed in the home to assure that she could negotiate the various levels of the house. However Diane has progressed to the point where she can climb the stairs. I have attached a picture of Diane (sitting on floor in front of my mom) and a picture of her home that Bill bought her after the divorce so that she could move back to Toronto.

The home backs onto the Don River and its back yard is tiered in four levels before meeting the shore. It is a majestic home with slate roof and leaded glass windows. Diane has always been an avid gardner and maintains the property herself.

And yes, it is an older picture taken in 1978 but the house has not changed since then although her 1976 Camero is long gone. Diane was always an avid motorcycle and hotrod fan having worked on cars in her teen years while growing up in NDG. Her boyfriend Grant, when I was 8 years old, had a 1932 ford coupe c/w rumble seat. He and Diane would drive around town with us kids in the rumble seat what a thrill, what memories.

Bob H.
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