Saturday, February 18, 2006

Helloooooo Gentlemen !!!

Hi Marston ,,,is that really you ???
Imagine you surviving all these years !!!
And you were such a careful driver !!!

Hard to believe !!!

Nice job you are doing with your blog,,,Please keep up the good work !!!

This is just a note to remind you that The Daytona 500 Race is on Sunday !!
Tell anyone you can,, that a lot of old farts are gathering at Scottyz for the race,,
and Chicken wings & Beer are the attraction !!!

It's something like a reunion for car and racing guys & gals,,,but usually turns into a session
about Greenfield Park History,,,who had what car,,,,and where did everybody go ???
So ,,,,if your ears are burning on Sunday,,it may be some of us discussing cars and people !!

Have a great life,,,and enjoy every day !!

Take-care of each other !!
Bye,,,John Geraghty

Hi John, So great to hear from you.!!
We had so much fun in GPK
I had so many neat cars that I should have kept.
Do you remember Doug Boffey's Bachelor's Party??
What A night..!!!!


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