Friday, February 17, 2006

Here are some more photos of Isabel Ave. life in the 1950's

Photo 1

My birthday party on June 20, 1953. The photo was taken in our back yard looking toward Empire Ave. You can’t see Empire because by grandfather’s house on the corner of Isabel and Empire is blocking the view. Starting on the left and traveling clockwise around the table are: Rod Freeman, Bill Knight, John Riley, Lynn Highfield, my brother Michael Riley, Marylou Freeman and Jimmy Coles. Our sandbox was located right about where the table is sitting. Rod, Bill and I spent hours at a time playing in that sandbox.
About fifteen feet to the right of the spot where the photographer stood to take that shot were two clumps of birch trees. Eight years later during the great ice storm of 1961 Bill and I tried climbing those birches from the top branches hoping to get to the bottom. Although we weren’t successful our attempt kept those trees from ever straightening out again.

Photo 2

In a rowboat I believe on Lake Champlain, I could be wrong, are left to right: John Riley, Pat Riley my sister, William Henry Knight ll, (Bill Knight’s father). Bill sometimes called him “The Commander” because of his days in the military in WW2. Then comes Ross Knight and on the far right Bill Knight. This photo was taken in 1957.

Photo 3

Left to right. John Riley, and my siblings Patricia and Michael. This snapshot was taken June 25, 1954. It was my sister’s birthday. In the background on the left you can see the Freeman house on the corner of Isabel and Empire. Hidden in the trees on the right side background you can faintly see the outline of the Roach’s house. Fontaine’s house would have been about 100 feet further to the right.

Notice the garden’s in the background. We had two or three gardens around my parent’s and my grandfather’s house. Notice also the birdhouse built by my uncle Lou DeSerres.
There were two similar birdhouses on the lawn to which swallows returned each spring.
When we were in the yard the swallows often dive-bombed us if they thought we were getting too close to their nests.

Thanks John R.
Great photos and story

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