Sunday, February 12, 2006

Here is a photo John Harrison Heavyside

Here is a photo of my Grandfather, John Harrison Heavyside, in his
Black Watch uniform from World War I. I hope you can open it. If you can't
please let me know and I will get copies made and snail mail them to you.
I am not taking courses at school. I went to my school that I taught
at for 35 years and was a judge for a science fair. Presently, I am retired
but work 25 days at various times during the year just to keep my hand in
the teaching profession.
I hope what I wrote might give you some information about my
My Aunt Edna is also going to send you some old photos. I hope you
will be able to use the information and the photos. Please feel free to read
them at your historical society meeting or forward them to the website. I
must try to open it again. Please let me know if anything gets published as
I would be interested in purchasing it or supporting it.
Best regards,
Donna Joy Heavyside Westlund

Thanks Donna

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