Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ivan Rhoades gives us more names

Hi Marty,
In the Joe Barnes photo of 5, I think one of the guys in that photo
has to be one "Richard Barnes" his son. I don't remember if he had 2 sons or not , but some 15 years ago Richard and I used to drink beer with my father Derek and Don Hynes and other characters at ' Dolan Tavern' on Grand Allée in St-Hubert .Some of us went there to tank up after we thought that the Rustic didn't cut it anymore. Richard lived up near Centennial High School in the Condos they built up there. He has passed away since then.

In the group photo I recognize the guy on the right in the uniform not
like the others. I believe his name is John Worsnop. He was a
Regional leader or Commissioner in the Boy Scouts on the South Shore.

Joe Barnes was also a swimming coach even though he had bad eyes. He
used to teach some of us at the Legion pool on Mountain Street in Montreal.
That building also housed CJAD in those days and we used to go upstairs
and meet Jimmy Tapp , Jack Curran and some of the old radio
Personalities up there. Also Joe Barnes was the guy who passed me on my Red Cross life saving course which allowed me to be a life guard at Scout Camp


Ivan Rhoades

Thanks Ivan.
I remember Richard Barnes. Sorry to hear he has passed.

These are pics from Doug G's collection

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