Friday, February 24, 2006

JoAnn's reply after seeing old home pics

Hi Marty: Wow. The Kletting house is still as it was. No kidding! I remember climbing down those stairs (we lived in the top flat) and visiting the Monroe family two doors from us. They had a cat named Ginger and I just LOVED that cat. Mrs. Monroe would let me sit on her back porch stairs with Ginger and give me a huge spoon of peanut butter to eat while visiting. If I wasn't at the Monroe house, I was visiting June Lemry next to Monroe's or my dearest and oldest friend Noreen Barfoot who lived directly across the street. You know how they say that "two's company, three's a crowd." Well, June, Noreen and I were playing one day and ended up in an argument resulting in Noreen having a nose bleed. I'm really not a violent person, :) and can't remember how it happened, but kids are so forgiving. An hour later, Noreen was over at my house asking if I could come out to play:) We moved to Third Street when I was 5 yrs. old.

The house on Third in the blog picture is actually one that was built after we left GPK. We lived in the house to the left (you can see some of it) and owned the lot next to it which was adjacent to old Doc's driveway. The people who bought our place, sold the lot and it was then developed.

Thanks to John R. for taking the time for us to enjoy yet another stroll down memory lane.

JoAnn (Miller) Gowens
Thanks JoAnn and John R.

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