Wednesday, February 15, 2006

John McC's late brother (Jim) remembered

Marty,attached is a copy of my late brother Jim's cradle roll certificate from March 1943. Adding names to the cradle roll as I understand it was the practice of the day when a child was christened in the United Church.

When we were kids Jimmy and I were walking up Murray to Third to go caddying and we met Bobby Morley at Third and Murray. We started to head towards "The Course" when two Great Danes, which were usually in a fenced-in yard at the back of Ciarroni's house at the corner of Third and Devonshire(Victoria), came bounding up the street towards us. Bobby and I immediately made for the tree in Jackie Ball's yard and when we were up high enough we turned around to see Jim, walking with a dog on each side of him, leading them back to their owners house. That was Jim-- afraid of nothing
Thanks for sharing the memory of Jim

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