Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More Memories from Doug G.

Finding these old pictures has motivated me to buy a program for the 2000 plus photos I have some how gathered over the years. Now I can sort, organize and save them digitally for my kids, and grand kids. As I go through the old sticky albums, I'll forward on any photos of people from the park.

Some people may recognize Don Gillespie in the soldier uniform beside me in a play put on by the Greenfield Park Thesbians, I think they were called. I don't know what it did for the audience but it kept us off the streets and entertained.

Also Keith Hughes, Gordon Mcdonald and Mel Poppe on a camp out. And finaly George Kozland David Erhensberger and Ed Shrimpton at the Sherbrooke Fair. Seeing that photo reminded me how I got the first car I ever owned. We were driving out to Chambly by the back roads leading off of La Pinierre and came across a man with his car parked diagonally across the road.
He had been trying to turn around when his wheels got into soft soil on the shoulder of the gravel road. In trying to get out of that mess he broke the universal joint, so it was going no where. IN between his cursing and shouting, we heard the words, " Any body give me $50.00 for this @%#*& thing, can have it." .

It was a 1939 dodge coach in pretty good shape.. We were back in a flash with the cold cash in our hands before he could cool off. It cost $20.00 to fix the universal joint and another $1.50 for a toggle switch to replace the starter button and we were off to far away places like the Sherbrooke fair.
After driving it for about a year, we resold it for $50.00 Not the way to make a fortune, but we did have lots of good times while it lasted
Catch you later
Doug G.

Thanks Doug G.

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