Thursday, February 23, 2006

More names of GPKer's mentioned

Love the way the stories build as people respond to the blog. Thanks for taking the pictures of the ( not so) old house on Empire. It looks great.
And thanks Barb Carver for the info about Art Went. I remember his name now. How's this for a co incidence. You mention Art Went is living in Prince George. B.C. Well so is Art Jenkins, the scout leader at St Paul's Church in Greenfield park in the 40's He was in one of the earlier photos I sent showing Mrs Stoker presenting me with a set of Scout book ends.

I wonder if they know each other. Art would really be up in his 80's by now His son Peter Jenkins was at one point Mayor of Dawson City. I remember them well as Olive Jenkins was a well known piano teacher in the Park. Her most famous student was my brother Donald, who went on to become organist at St Paul's, the United church in Montreal, and conducted many of the Gilbert and Sullivan musicals put on in St Lambert. As a teacher, he was a High School Band and music conductor at Winston Churchill High school in St Laurent. The school band traveled through Canada and U.S for quite a few seasons. While he passed away 3 years ago, His wife Michelle still lives on Homer Street in the Park.
Thanks again
Catch ya later
Doug Garrett

Thanks Doug G.

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