Saturday, February 11, 2006

News clip from 1910

Hi Marty,

The attached clipping comes from the Cobalt Daily Nugget of Saturday, May 28, 1910. This paper has been in our family for 96 years now. And I would like to thank you for helping relocate it after thinking it was discarded about ten years ago. If it had not been for your request for more stories on the people from the Park rather than the flood of jokes you have been receiving it may only have been found by my children while cleaning out my junk after my funeral. In my search for pictures to send you I found the complete paper in the back of an old album.

I have always thought this particular clipping was interesting. It shows the diverse yet certainly related industries of early Canadians. After all if you make furniture, why not caskets. If you make caskets, why not be an undertaker.

The main article is devoted to my great grandfather Charles H. Taylor (my mothers grandfather) who invented and built the air plant at Ragged Chutes Ontario. The headline reads "Harnessing of the Montreal River" and is devoted to his accomplishments. He was also involved in the world famous lift lock at Peterborough ON.

Thanks again Marty and Elton. Life sure works in mysterious ways.

Bob H
PS there are other interesting items such as prices of clothing and food at that time. If you or your readers are interested I will send them occasionally.
Thanks Bob

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