Monday, February 13, 2006

Old Yard Pool Pics

Photo 1

Merle Knight (sister of Carole, Bill and Ross), Maureen Whalen
(stepsister of Jimmy Coles), myself and Mary-Lou Freeman (sister of Rod, Heather and Kim) in a pool beside our house on Isabel Ave. about 1952. The pool was actually a life raft that my father got somewhere. I don't know who
inflated it, but whoever did had great lungs. Tell Bob Hawkins to eat his heart
out. I was surrounded by three beauties. Let's see him match that.

Photo 2

Bill Knight, myself and my brother Mike in another pool in the Knight's
yard on Isabel Ave. in 1953. The building on the left in the background is
the Riley garage (that was nearly wrecked by the limb of a huge elm tree
that fell on it in the great ice-storm of February 1961. The building on the
right in the background was the garage behind Buster Tombs' house on
Third St.

John Riley
Thanks John
We sure had fun with very little those days..

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