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Part one of six on golf

Here is part one of six on the history of golf... I'll send the others every other day or so.... Bob

The Historic Timeline of Golf - Part One

There are many theories on the origin of golf. One certainty is that the "birth" of golf as we know it occurred on the northwest shores of Scotland, perhaps as early as the twelfth century. It spread throughout Scotland until by 1456 King James II thought it was taking to much time away from the men's archery practice, and decreed that the futeball and golfe (as it was spelled at the time) no longer be played.
This ban was lifted upon the signing of the Treaty of Glasgow on February 11, 1502,. King James a golf lover himself played golf's first "officially documented" match on the 3rd of February of 1504, with the Earl of Bothwell. Soon the Treaty of Glasgow fell apart and King James was killed, but golf lived on.
300BC - Chinese claim a form of golf was played
1350 - "Chole" played in Flanders, Belgium
 1350 - "Kolfspel" played in Holland
 1400s - Featherie golf ball invented 175-200 yard capable ball, expensive.
 1456 - King James of Scotland decree ban on golfe.
 1501 - King James IV has a set of clubs made.
 1502 - Scotland's ban on golf listed.
 1504 - First officially documented match between King James IV and Earl of Bothwell.
 1553 - Archbishop of St. Andrew gives approval for people of Burgh to play golf
 1567 - Mary, Queen of the Scots becomes avid golfer
 1620 - Feathery ball introduced replacing the hard wood balls.
 1735 - The first Golf Club established - Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh
 1744 - April 2 - first Official Tournament played on the Links of Leith. Winner John Rattray First 13 rules of golf written by the Gentlemen Golfers of Edinburgh.
 1754 - St. Andrews Society of Fife, Scotland adopts rules with the exception of a ball must be dropped instead of teed when in watery lie. St. Andrews Society invents "stroke play" for it's first tournament. Royal and Ancient Golf Club established at St Andrews.
 1764 - Royal and Ancient reduces the number of holes from 22 to 18 holes, other clubs follow as the R&A becomes the games authority.
 1766 - First English club established - Royal Blackheath Club.
 1767 - James Durham for the Silver Club shot a record 94 at St. Andrews.
 1770 - "Fore" is yelled for the first time by Scottish reformer John Knox as his ball flys toward other players.

 1775 - Rule 6, touching of balls was revised to mean within six inches of each other, this created the "Stymie", in which the player furtherest from the hole had to go first even if the other ball was an obstacle in line with the hole.
 1786 - The Crail Golfing Society of South Carolina, fails to last.
 1829 - Royal Calcutta Club of India is first club outside of Briton.
 1836 - Longest drive with a feathery ball recorded of 361 yards, by Monsieur Samuel Messieux, officially recorded on St.Andrews Old Course, Elysian Fields.
 1845 - Reverend Robert Paterson invents the "Gutty" the Gutta-Percha ball, 175 yard maximum, can be molded, affordable.
 1853 - John Cambell Stewart for King William IV Gold Medal breaks record of 94 with a 90.
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