Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Prairie Moments

The view from 3 feet isn't as spectacular as the rockets blasting off, airplanes discharging flares or purring automated cats, but non-the less there are special moments and lot to be seen. Evidence of first nations are every where. Tee-Pee circles dot the landscape. Most have been excavated by archeologists but you can still make out the sites and cairns on a good advantaged hill or bluff.( yes, that's real cactus which you have to watch for or they flatten your tires)

Last fall as I was peddling along, I happened to glance over my shoulder and realized I had picked up a trail buddy. The coyote blended in so well that I sensed him more than saw him. When I stopped, he stopped, when I moved, he moved. It was really great communicating quietly with him for a while until he lost interest and trotted off on his own.

Speaking of " Trail Buddies". I got an e mail from Gary Laurent whose is living in Medicine Hat also. He says he grew up in Greenfield Park and thought he was the only " Parker" in the city. Now there are two of us.
Catch you later
Doug g
Thanks Doug

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