Saturday, February 11, 2006

Reunion & Pics from the shore of Lake Huron,Previously posted Thur. Feb. 9/06

Hi Marston:

Thought I would reinforce Heather Blain (Gibb) photos as Heather & Al only live about 40 minutes from me. They are lucky they only got 28 inches. The photo (feb2006) is a picture of my horse training ring, top rail is about 4.5 feet high. As you can see, the snow has drifted right over the top. We are on the top of a hill and the snow drifting is something to be desired, especially when you have to shovel and plow, combined with the snowblower giving up the ghost as the snow was just too heavy.

The photo (img0013) is one of my thoroughly disgusted but favourite mares, only the babies really enjoy the snow for extended periods of time. But they do trample down the snow when let out.The photo (img0014) is my 7 month old colt Piper.

However, on a positive note, the snow will all be gone come September 2006 for the next reunion I promise. I am in the process of checking the motels to get the best off season rates along with the provincial parks for those who may wish to "RV". Looks like the date will be September 22 for those who wish to arrive on the Friday, with festivities at my place, (informal bar-b-que) picnic on Saturday and dinner at a local establishment Saturday night where they have promised they will provided some "oldies" music. Also a brunch is being considered by the same establishment on Sunday. I will be letting everyone know further details through the website and with some addresses I have provided. So far it looks like there are about 40 that have indicated they are coming, pretty good for the beginning of the year.

If anyone has any special requests, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Meanwhile, I will keep digging out

Heather Hubbard Cooper
Thanks Heather
You sure got a load of snow..

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