Sunday, February 19, 2006

Storms Hits the Ottawa Region

Marty, here is the more tragic side of winter in Ottawa as opposed to my winter wonderland shots of a few weeks ago. The whole thing started Wed. night with some snow. That storm passed through and Thurs during the day was fairly seasonable but another storm centre started to come through Thurs. evening with snow . then ice pellets then freezing rain( It took me 45 minutes to clear the 1/2 inch of ice off my car Fri. morning) through the night.

At 8:00 am Fri the temperature was + 1 degree celsius(34 fahrenheit) an hour later it was - 4 celsius and two and a half hours later it was down to -13 with 60 km winds, and for the first time I heard the meteorologist's new term -- we had a "flash freeze" warning for our area.

The attached is a photo of an accident involving app. 60 vehicles, cars and tractor trailers, caused by a whiteout and icy road conditions on the main 4-lane Highway between Ottawa and Montreal resulting in four deaths and more that 30 people injured. JMcC

Thanks for the report John
We all seem to be getting weird weather the past few days..

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