Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thanks Ed. Here is an E-mail exchange with a former GPKer. Maybe more would like to send in a history of their travels

Thanks Ed,
Boy, it has been a long time ago but I left GPK around 1969-70. Then lived in St Bruno until 78. I moved to Burlington Ont. and lived there until 1984. Since 84 I have lived here in Illinois. I have been retired for some 5 years. Thanks for the information.

Also can I post your history??

Marty N.Ed Boucher <> wrote:
I was born in Montreal and moved to muddy Mackayville with my family at the age of one year. That would have been in 1946.
I went to grade school with Bernie Constantini, and the three English brothers along with other boys from Newfoundland families, in the Catholic system.
We moved to the "Park" in 1958 or so where I went to Catholic school with Don Snyder, the Bigras boys and the Leduke brothers, and Alfie Davis among many others. I did attend Royal George for one year too. In 1965 I moved to Vancouver and roamed western Canada for some years. I have been in Toronto since 1971 and retired from a small business interest since 2001. My wife is a pensioner also, from the Toronto Board of Education. We are enjoying our good health and good fortune and alternate between our city home and a country property in Haliburton county Ontario.
Regards EB.Marston North <> wrote:
Hi Ed,
I put the pics up for posting later tonight. When did you leave GPK and did you go straight to Toronto? Are you retired?

Marty N.

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