Monday, February 20, 2006

Then & Now from Doug G.

Hey Marston
Here are two photos which show how much some things change and how little others do.
The first picture taken in the driveway of our home on Empire shows me with my girl friend Shirley Kelly, about to try out my new vehicle which is in the back ground.
The second picture shows me with my wife, Shirley Garrett ( Nee Kelly) trying out the horn on our new vehicle.
Actually we didn't buy the spiffy two ox power convertible. We took it for a spin and after covering the first 100 yards in 45 minutes decided Speed really does kill. IN this case, " From boredom"
That was the things that change little. As for us, the pictures show no matter how young you feel at heart, you are as old as you look
Cheers for now
Doug g

Many Thanks Doug Garrett

Great pics and memories

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