Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Welcome to Margaret & Cliff Board

Having received a call from my Cousin Joy Heavyside Westlund in California, I was introduced to your Blog and to the many references to Greenfield Park. I am Clifford Board (71) who lived in the "Park" for over 54 years. My Dad was William Ernest Board, at 50 then 168 Third (James E. Davis) Street. Time changes things - now the "Park" is only a Borrough!!! One of my deeds of fame was having Mayor Olynck having me evicted by the Chief of Police from a Town Council Meeting - though there are many more positive memories not quite so exciting.

Margaret Meldrum Board (My wife) and I are currently enjoying our winter months in Myrtle Beach, but I do promise on sending some old photos when we return to Stittsville, ON (Ottawa) where we spend our Summer months - the best of both worlds. Marg's Brother, Terry Meldrum and his wife Louise live on Millington Street in "The Park". By copy of this E-mail I will introduce him to your Blog http://www.southbros.blogspot.com/ as he is very involved in the Community.

I am not sure if I remember you as individuals, but the name Marston North is sure familiar - hopefully in only a positive way? I am glad to have been introduced to your Blog. Keep up the good work!

Regards, Cliff Board

Thank You very much, Margaret & Cliff Board..

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