Friday, February 10, 2006

Welcome to our new blog contributor Doug G.

O.K. Marston.
I accept your invitation to contribute to the site. I have a lot of old black and white's taken while we lived in Greenfield Park
These attached, are related to the scouting activities at St. Paul's on Empire. . . The attached pictures are
( 437f) Art Jenkins and Mrs Stoker making a presentation to me as Scout Master., 444F some of the scouts on an outing in the woods where Brossard shopping mall is today, 452F same , 484F Bobby Johnston, Tommy Stoker, Joe Barnes, my self and I can't remember the other scouter. There were a lot of scouting activities in the 50's and lots of places to go within walking distance.
Everything south of Regent and West of Devonshire Road was bush. We would take the boys out and shoot rabbits where Campbell street is today, to teach them survival skills. They would have to skin, prepare and cook them. What a change, eh ? but it sure beat fast foods and videos.
You can use all, any or none of the photos as you wish. I do have others of additional activities and people if you are interested.

Doug Garrett
Thanks Doug, I am sure our visitors will enjoy them.

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