Friday, February 17, 2006

What's in a name by Bob H.

Every time I see the name Charles Taylor I get a chuckle. Doug Garrett mentions the name Charley Taylor in his last posting. While I don't know Charley I always think of my great grandfather Charles who as I said before had many dalliances over the years.

When I first contacted the "other" family one of the first questions that Terry asked me was "why did Charles go to New York to marry Gertrude?" When I said that he had not divorced my great grandmother Terry turned to his wife, who was on the extension, and said "see I told you were illegitimate". We all had a good laugh over that and of course it broke the ice and we could all let our hair down.

There is speculation that there may be a third family but no one knows for sure. So when I hear the name Charles Taylor I always consider them a cousin or uncle, you never know. There is another Charles H. Taylor in Sudbury that I have yet to talk to who because of the close proximity to Cobalt could be....

My great great grandfather was Charles, his son (my great grandfather was Charles Havelock., his first born with the second wife was Charles Havelock, my grandfather was Arthur Havelock, I am Robert John Havelock and my son Jason also has Havelock in his name.

Again, no one knows the origin of the name Havelock, we all assume that it was a family name of one of the wives prior to my great great grandfather.

Bob H
Thanks Bob
Our neighbors in GPK were the Taylors.
Most will remember Galeann or Pamela. They had an older Brother Charles who made a career in the Canadian Military.

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