Monday, February 20, 2006

Where is Kenny Cobb

February 18, 2006
I talked to Ken today and....

Kenny Cobb is alive and well and living in Brampton, Ontario since 1984. The Cobb family lived at 80 Devonshire Road (pictured above), just south of Churchill Blvd. and a couple of doors down from Smith Store in Greenfield Park.

Ken was born March 6th, 1949. He has two brothers and one sister, Harry, Richard, and Carolyn. He also attended Royal George School.

Kenny and Sally were married June 9th, 1973, and have two children, John (26) and Crystal (25).

Kenny’s hobbies are motorcycling, snow skiing and golf (when time permits as Ken is still hard at work).

Ken asked that the following be posted. He would like to know where all the guys and gals are who would be between the ages of 50 to 60, who lived, played, or just hung around Greenfield Park are today. They all need to check in….

Both Ken and I grew up as friends on Devonshire Road. I remember playing hide and go seek for hours at his home; sitting in their apple tree eating all we could. I remember his grandfather’s cigar smoke aroma; doors were not locked then. I remember Ken’s Dad taking us to the circus each year.

Thanks, Ken, for the update, and thanks for some great memories. Elton.

Kenny & Sally's email address is

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