Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Where Is Ross Morley...

February 21, 2006
I talked to Ross the other day and...

Ross is alive and well and living in Greenfield Park.
Ross was born February 5, 1947, and was the youngest of three brothers, Bobby, 65 and Norman, 62. They lived on Springfield Avenue, and all attended Royal George School.

Ross married Marlene December 13, 1968 and they have two children, Jarrod, 31 and Stacey, 29.

Ross's hobbies are: golf, woodworking, and helping Stacey at the dairy farm.

Mrs. Morley, Ross's Mom, is living in Greenfield Park and enjoying good health. The Morley Family has been in Greenfield Park since 1911.

I had a wonderful telephone reunion with the Morleys, and I look forward to seeing both Ross and Marlene in the near future. Elton.

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