Thursday, February 23, 2006

Wintery Day on Devonshire

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February 23, 2006

This story began on a wintery day on Devonshire Road sometime in the early 1960’s. The snow was falling and it was the ‘just right’ consistency for snow balls; better still a snow fort was to be built.

Richard and his late brother, Steven Werenchuk, lived next door to us. Kenny Cobb and Gary Comber lived a little further up the street, Peter and David Young from Murray Ave. made up the construction crew for the fort. Oh, I almost forgot Albert Cook, he plays a big part in this story.

The Werenchuks had an extra building lot between our homes, the perfect location for the snow fort. This reminds me, Mr. Werenchuk would build a snow slide each winter on that lot for all of us to use; he would work all day and into the late evening to complete the slide. Thanks Michael, rest well. We worked hard rolling snow balls to the point that we had trouble moving them. Shaping and rolling the fort began to take shape, now to try it out.

We started by peppering Terry and Ricky Spriggs as they walked by and ducking behind the snow wall as they returned fire. That worked well so we started peppering cars and ducking, lots more fun. Then….

Albert Cook got the idea to pepper a bus from the side of the road - everyone knows the bus won’t stop there when it’s on a schedule, right? Albert lets the first one fly and with the accuracy of a heat seeking missile it hits the route window above the windshield and breaks the glass. Albert is gone within seconds through Werenchuk’s yard, then Young’s, then Shorty’s, as fast as his legs would carry him - very funny site.

The Chambly County Transport bus parked dead on the road in front of our home, not good - this had all the signs of going bad. Yes the driver was heading our way….asking ‘Do you know that guy who threw the ice ball?’ After what seemed to be too long Richard said NO and offered assistance on the direction Albert ran. Believe it or not, the driver thanked us and said he had never seen anybody run through snow that fast before……. Thanks guys for the memories. TEN

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