Thursday, March 16, 2006

The 2006 GPK Reunion Friday Sept 22/06 to Sun. Sept 24/06 (4th post)

Hi folks:

Thought I would give a bit of an update and some site addresses so that you can see what Port Elgin is like and check out the motels available. I contacted four of them and all are going to give me preferred rates. If we are still planning a picnic on Saturday Sept 23/06, I also firmed up the pavilion at the Northshore Park down by the marina from 12:00 noon to about 5:00 p.m. . This was great as they did not charge for the park. It is equipped with a pavilion and washroom facilities. As mentioned it is adjacent to the marina and boardwalk.

Itinerary is as follows:

Friday afternoon and evening or whenever you arrive, bar-b-que at my place. I have arranged for a number of bar-b-ques and a loin of beef to slice off steaks, I will get some salads, corn on the cob and potatoes for baking, also a dessert. I am getting the beef at cost so we will divvy up the costs later. So I will have to know approximately the number that will be attending.

Saturday from 12:00 noon to 5:00 ish, the picnic if everyone wishes, the facility is available.

Saturday evening: Dinner at the Queen's Hotel in Port Elgin, ( a licensed facility) followed by an evening of rocking to the oldies (DJ music)

Sunday: 11:00 ish brunch at the Queens Hotel In Port Elgin

For those folks who may be staying longer or arriving earlier, there are a lot of things to do in this area so please log in to the website below. Also, we are all welcome to chill out at my place in between events, I promise I won't make any of you work and clean stalls.

I am attaching a tentative list feel free to add or delete anyone that will be attending. Also if anyone wants information please tell them to contact me. I will be sending a direction map to help out in finding this place, I told Marston that it will be made up by a women for all the wives, because we know that men don't follow directions. Also for Garry Comber, tell your wife that we have a Tim Horton's among many other places.

I will be out of town for a week, I am off to Kentucky with my sister Shirley, she has roped me into helping her out showing her dogs at an event in Louisville.

Here are some websites (Check under tourism) Southampton, Port Elgin & Saugeen Twp amalgamated under one community called Saugeen Shores

Motels: You will have to book direct yourself, but as I mentioned, all are going to give preferred rates. Just mention the Greenfield Park reunion/Heather Cooper

Port Elgin Super 8 Motel: (this site also showcases a number of events and happenings in the area) The rates the manager quoted were: Thursday $109.88 and Friday and Saturday $114.88 per night. This includes a continental breakfast, please check website for further description.

Colonial Motel & Antiques: . They do not take reservations online only by telephone (519) 832-2021. The normal rates ranged from 1 bedroom for 2 people $80.00 & 2 bedroom for 4-5 people $90.00 in the courtyard area. In the pool wing the rates were 1 queen bed $95.00, 2 doubles $110.00 and 1 king $100.00. The garden wing was 1 king $105.00, 2 queens $130.00 and a suite $140.00. I received a call from this place and I am to contact the manager and the message was that he would give even better rates and could hold a block of fifteen rooms for the weekend of the reunion. This place does not have a website but some of the features are indoor heated pool; whirlpool, remote color t.v. air conditioning, direct dial phone, cheetah highspeed access. I will be contacting the manager when I get back from Kentucky for the preferred rates.

The other two I looked at were somewhat rustic????. The Maplewood Motel at offers one and two bedroom housekeeping units and their rates are single $60.00 and double $70.00.

Marston: Could you put this on the website and forward it to anyone I may have missed or who may be interested.

Again please feel free to contact me with any requests you may have or if there is anything you are interested in doing during your stay, canoeing, golf, hiking, etc. I am sure you all will enjoy this area, it is a resort town and there is lots to do one of the favourites is to walk along the boardwalk eating ice cream cones and watching the sunset, somewhat calm for some tastes but nevertheless enjoyable.

Now I am off to pack, leaving on Monday by car ( I think that I will be doing all the driving) I barely got unpacked from last week visiting two grandchildren in B.C.

Heather Hubbard/Cooper
Thanks Heather
Sound like we'll have fun

Heather's E-mail is

List of attendees to date..

Garry Comber 2

Heather Hubbard/Cooper 2

Donnie Ridewood 2

Shirley Hubbard/Roccas 1

Jason Hubbard 1

Janet Allen/Watson 2

Brian Robinson 2

Denise Houle/Evola 1

Carolyn Cobb/Dalgard 1

Doug Menary 1

Ken Cobb 1

Marston North 1

Elton North 1

Heather Blaine/Gibb 2

Fred Knight 2

Elgin Milne 1

Diane Clifford 1

Betty Heath/ Wright 1

John McConachie 2

Beth Freeman 2

David Allen 2

Jean McShane 2

John Riley 2

Carl Ruth 2

Ivan Rhodes & Odette 2

Cheryl (Reynard) & Dave Walsh 2

David & Sharon Rye 2

Ralph & Millie Bennett 2

Barb Hamilton & Spouse 2

Harry Cobb 1

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