Thursday, March 09, 2006

Algebra with Heather

I have a little story to tell about my early high school years with Heather Blain Gibb. We were buddies and used to have good laughs together. During fair weather days, I used to walk home with her from school with an arm full of books (Mine).

Go figure it was probably about a mile out of my way but her Mom served milk and cookies, well worth the extra mile. Her Mom must have thought I was smart as she saw all those home work books and that old red Algebra book. She asked if I could help Heather with her Algebra a couple of afternoons a week because Heather was having some difficulties. I said sure no problem.

Well this is how it went to the best of my recollection.
We set up in the kitchen and I started to explain some simple equations.

She said she was good at math but the letters confused her.
Now you must remember Heather has a great sense of humor and could tease with the best of them.

So I started with the easiest equation I new: 5X=25
Heather says I don’t like the X why can’t it be Y?
I said OK 5Y=25 is our equation.
She says no, I don’t like the Y either, it doesn’t sound nice.
I said you pick a letter.
She says no you pick it.
I said OK 5H=25.
She pauses for a moment and still doesn’t like my choice.
So again I’ll try a new letter. 5B=25
She says, How can 5B equal to 25?
Well you get it by now, she was just clowning around and this is one of my fond memories of Heather.
She also used to recite the Nestle Hot Chocolate commercial and it would break us up every time.

Take Care Heather and know you left lasting memories with some GPKer’s like me.

Marty N.

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