Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Another Name from Doug G. Scouting Pic

Hi Marty, in one of the scout pictures (the one with five people) "Red" Drummond is the person between Joe Barnes and Harold Rye. In the other photo I think "Gus" Richardson is standing in the back row and that is definitely Jack Antle(Bagheera when we were in Cubs) on the extreme right in the second row. There are some others that I think I know but I'll have to get a stronger magnifying glass before I'm positive.
PS Marty, after a second look the Woman on the extreme left first row, I think is Marion Morwood, Mike Jenkins could be one of the scouts in the back row and #2 from the left in the last row is Bill Pratt Sr. who was Balou when we were in Cubs. JMcC
Thanks John McC.
I agree with John Mc. That definitely is Jack Antle. The lady Also is Marion Morwood who married one of the Charles' Brothers.( Harold I think).
However I think that is Harry Pratt who was the father of Marsha, Bill, Ross, Diane and Alfred who lived 2 doors down from us at Empire & Evelyn. Both Harry and his wife Isobel ( Who may be one of the ladies in the front row) were active in scouting. They had lived above Murray Market(Murray and Churchill) before building their own home on Empire.Both Harry and son Bill were in the printing business in Montreal.Their printing company was just off McGill St. near the old Southern Counties / later Chambly Transport stop at Youville Square.Harry was a real Character!!!

Thanks Ralph B.

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