Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Anyone care to guess who these 1965-66 Jubilee School Staff are?? (Another name added by Jean Gardner)

I can name some, certainly not all of the staff.
The front row has 4th from the left, Diane Gregory McConachie, Mary Rollins, ? , & Violet Belcher Royds.The girl on the left of Diane looks like Linda Harrison.
Back row has 2nd from left, Miss Hoyle, ? ? ? ? Ulric Russell, Mrs. Wheatly ? ? ?

Sandy R

Here are the names that JMcC sent with the pic.

Back Row L-R
Paul Tutton, Gertrude Hoyle, Betty Bishop, Mrs. Stone, ? , Ulric Russel, Noreen Wheatley, Mrs. Smith, ? , Mrs. Baugh, Frank Newman.

Front Row L-R
Sylvia Greene, Kendra Brown, Diane Gregory, Mary Rollins, Sandra Smith, Violet Belcher

Thanks John McC.

Hello: Another one of us surfaces - Jean Gardner - ex-GPKer now living in Calgary.

In the Jubilee School staff photo, I think the person identified as Mrs.Stone looks more like Sylvia Green (back row, 4th from left).Sylvia Green was principal of Jubliee School for many years during the 70sand 80s. During that time she re-married and became Sylvia Campbell.
Hi Jean and Welcome to our site.

Sylvia Green is the second lady from the left in the front row. She was my Grade 6 teacher at Jubilee and one of my very most favourite teachers ever!
Joan Nykiforuk joanmarie54@shaw.ca

Thanks Joan N.


moned said...
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moned said...

The teacher to the left of Ulric Russell is Mrs. Chesley. Also, Sylvia Greene is definitely the one in the front row. That *is* Mrs. Stone in the back row.

Maureen (de Boer)