Thursday, March 30, 2006

Anyone care to name these old store or business locations in GPK(Update)


Thanks John R.

Marston Back again.....I just saw the series of old stores taken by John R.
449 is the old theatre,

467 is the old Jacoby's Store at the corner of Queen and Empire.
Wayne Goldthorp

I recall #449 as being the Lions Club where 30 years ago I went to of the Beaver leaders was Bernie Constantini. I belive it was a cinema before that. Later became a video store, and now a pizza place. Regards
Mark Thompson

Thanks Wayne and Mark
467 The former location of Johnson’s Store, which became Allain’s Store, and later an ice cream shop. Situated on the corner of Empire and Queen. John R.

452 ???Hi Marty Just wondering if the unidentified business was Pops. Also re: the postcards from Sherri it is ironic that about 5 Kms from Owen Sound there is an East Linton and about an hours drive north we have a Tobermory.
Keep up the great work, also of you have an updated of list of reunion attendees it would be nice to see.
Heather Gibb
They have all been Identified, great work folks. I'll post some more tomorrow.

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