Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Beverly Recalls Dances At Greenfield Park Townhall

I kept thinking about those pictures and wondering how many other folks from the park went to Canada's 100th year celebration party at the town hall. What a great night and a fun party, the theme was to dress in period clothing.

The pictures were taken by Bruce Field.

One photo I had cut out Carl and Shirley as I had put Carl's old picture on a t-shirt for Carl on his sixty birthday. About one of the good old days to remember.
In the picture from the left: my mom and dad, Diane Weldrick as Miss Laura Secord, Ross Alexander, Fred Goodal(name spelling??)don't know her name (but I'm sure Diane will) then me (talking about I don't know what) and Tom.

I had made Tom's and my outfit from the new centennial plaid, now when I look at Tom in that outfit BOY!!! was he a good husband to let me dress him like that. I remember gluing on his side burns. Ha-ha

What fun that night was...did you go??? Who went and do you/they still have a picture.

Years ago our family did attend so many of the dances at the town hall, one year at the Halloween dress up dance I went as a bunny and Tom went as a hunter. I don't have any pictures, maybe others from the park went and have pictures of them selves. It was so nice we lived near the town hall as after the parties we did not have to worry about drinking and driving home, we just had to walk or...crawl.

Thank again Bev. for these wonderful pictures and stories. TEN

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