Saturday, March 25, 2006

Beverly Vye Finds The Mother Load

A happy little story I would like to share.
Lost and now found.
For years after my Tom passed away I have been looking for one of his collections of money, two I did find but the one I really wanted to find was the 25cent bill my late Aunt Elsie Heavyside had given one to my sister Shirley and one to me when we were born.
This morning while I was scanning old pictures I thought I would scan my baby picture that has been sitting on my grandmother Boggis's dresser.
When I sold my cottage I gave my daughter Darla my grandmother's bed room suite alone with many of my old framed pictures.
What a wonderful surprise this morning to find as I pulled out my baby picture money fall out; the money that for 5 years I have been looking for. There was a small collection of old bills about $60.00 and my
old(25 cent bill). What a nice surprise Tom I said to myself, at last I have found the missing money.
Every time we would get ready to go down south my Tom would be hiding some of his lucky bills that he just loved to have fun with, he used to play a game with the guys with the one dollar bills.
This mind blowing game went like this; how many number 7, 6 or 0 do you have on one of your $1.00 bills in your pocket??? Bet I have more 7, 6, or 0 on one bill than you have, most of the time he would win their money as he would always keep his lucky bills with him. Knowing what a jokester he was they would laugh and yell at him; "You cheated," alone with I sure a few other fancy words. He would laugh and say "Well you should not go around betting, don't you know betting is not legal."
Guess years ago that was a guy's game when they got board...not many computers in homes back then. Ha-ha
So now ladies and gentlemen if your spouse is/was mischievous and like to play tricks remember to check behind old pictures.
Would anyone like to play that game with me, but I guess now we will have to play with $5.00,$10.00 or a $20.00 bill.
Life is good.

Thanks Bev, for sharing this great story...ten

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