Thursday, March 02, 2006

CCHS Class of 1951

While we were living in White Rock in 1988, my sister Audrey Jones who lives on Vercheres just above Churchill sent me this photo which appeared in the South Shore News. Royal George in Greenfield Park was still an Elementary school but was adding an additional grade each year.

For those of us who were still one grade ahead of that, they never caught up to us before we graduated so we had to make the trip to " Chambly County High School" every morning The Change in name from St Lambert High to Chambly County High, signaled to the whole surrounding communities and counties that the school was now open to every one.

That shift expanded our horizons and list of friends and divided our time spent in the Park. There was only one school bus. It arrived at 8.30 the corner of Empire, as it picked up students along Churchill. Miss that and you were late for sure. UNLESS, there was still was last hope you might get a ride in the back of a Blue Chevy pick up truck owned by a student I only remember as Don.His last name escapes me, maybe some one can help me with it, but his Dad owned an Electronic shop somewhere in the Park and Don drove the truck.

He never refused any one who wanted a ride. It was a brutal, bumpy and a "hang on for dear life" ride. It was your last hope for getting there on time and avoiding a " Late," notation on your report card. You sat in the back in a bare empty metal truck box with the other stragglers, hanging onto your head to keep the wind from blowing it away.
I'm the one in the back row third from the left in the photo, next to Tommy Knott who still lives in Brossard and David Erhensberger whom I have lost contact with.

There were several others from out lying counties in Mr. Elliot's class. I was able to go to our High School annual for 1951 and get names for the few I had forgotten. Chambly County High has a web site of its own, if any one is interested.They hold regular reunions, the last one in 2005. They had a picture of those who attended from the class of 51. Wow, do THEY ever look old!
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Doug Garrett
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