Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dave MacNevin enjoyed old home pic..

Thank John R big time for the photos of my homestead at 211 St. Charles. He got the right one . I remember crawling out the upstairs window onto the roof with my pellet gun and pretending to be a sniper,shooting at the stop sign and bottles on the fence or trying to pick off the odd squirrel ( not nice I know, don’t tell Paul McCartney,Ok) . The memories those photos bring back are priceless .
Attached is my current homestead in Stony Plain, Alberta, Aerial Photo courtesy of Gerd Jaunich .Thanks Gerd
Shinny on my pond happens every winter and now that we have a ton of snow that arrived over the last 5 days, the great toboggan run down to the pond is open for business.
Dave MacNevin

Thanks Dave
Glad you enjoyed the old pic and thanks for the new pic of your homestead

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